Our Customers

Our patent-pending approach and software is designed from the ground up for use in multiple media and in cross-media advertising. The seller of the advertising is our customer.

We target the following segments:

  • Multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs)
  • Broadcast networks
  • Cable networks
  • Selling consortia
  • Station owners
  • Rep firms
  • Nonlinear TV
  • Streaming (TV and radio)
  • Programmatic platform vendors
  • Internet display advertising
  • Mobile
  • Games

Our approach and technology enables cross-media campaigns—where entire campaigns can be bought rather than having to try to patch them together from pieces bought asynchronously in an uncontrolled way from multiple single-media sources.

Our approach and technology also enables ad exchanges where entire campaigns can be bought and sold.  This is in sharp contrast to current ad exchanges where only individual impressions can be bought and sold. This limitation is the main reason why current ad exchanges / auctions have gained traction mainly only in remnant inventory rather than premium inventory. Our approach and technology lift that limitation.