Expressiveness From Buyers

Our approach and software enables dramatically richer expressiveness from the buyers because overlapping campaigns can compete in our optimized setting. The expressiveness from the buyers can include the following.

  • The product enables dramatically better targeting with all the data available today and in the future, as well as significantly more sophisticated campaign control. Unlimited new targeting attributes and their possible values can be uploaded into the tool rather than requiring changes in the tool as expanded targeting data becomes available now and in the future. The number of targeting attributes in the tool is unlimited. Handling this in the optimizer in a scalable way is one of our key unique contributions.
  • Sophisticated campaign control (in addition to flights, rich expressions of reach, frequency, smoothness, etc.).
  • There are rich expressions of substitution (alternatives for satisfying the buyers’ campaign desires) in the product. The substitutes can be of different values to the buyer. The product optimally allocates campaigns into inventory taking into account all other campaigns and potentially also future demand. This automatically and optimally strikes the tradeoff between a campaign receiving small numbers of high-quality slots versus large numbers of lower-quality slots. Also, what is high versus low quality depends on the specific campaign’s goals. The product thus avoids inefficient oversell of desirable inventory and undersell of less desirable inventory.
  • Today, many campaign elements are given inefficiently after the sales for free. Our tools enables all those elements to be priced and allocated optimally. These elements include ad separation constraints, preferences for first and last in pod, “bookends”, “sandwiches”, “separation”, “road blocks”, rich forms of exclusivity (both placement exclusivity and strategic exclusivity), and a host of other sophisticated campaign controls.

Our web-based user interfaces make it easy for the advertiser or agency to express these aspects, or for the seller’s account executive to express these desires in the system on behalf of the advertiser or agency.