Why Optimized Markets

Our software truly optimizes the mapping of ad campaigns onto ad inventory so as to maximize profit. Can be used to also optimally decide which campaign requests to accept vs. reject

  • Only product that can actually do this
  • Patents-pending approach
  • Re-optimization and optimized make-goods in light of changes in supply/demand
  • Can optimize CPM-based, GRP-based, and spot-based campaigns together
  • For all media and cross-media advertising
Our sophisticated optimization enables rich expressions of preferences and constraints from buyers—by enabling overlapping campaigns to compete

  • Unlimited targeting attributes (demographic, show/site, geographical, temporal, behavioral, social, etc.).  Targeting attributes can be added on the fly
  • Rich expressions of substitutes of different values
  • Sophisticated guaranteed campaign controls
  • All campaign elements can be priced and allocated efficiently so as to maximize profit—instead of giving them away for free

High-level value proposition:

  • Seller gets higher revenue: 12.0% – 40.9% lifts so far
  • Truly optimizes profit, taking into account inventory acquisition costs and opportunity costs
  • Seller has more control of the allocation
  • Buyers (advertisers and agencies) get more desirable campaigns
  • Easier for all parties due to fewer makegoods, avoidance of exposure problems, and automation