Testimonials: Buy-Side Benefits, Too

  • "Optimized Markets' media software is a revolutionary product that will bring a much needed change to the media industry. This software creates an unparalleled level of efficiency and accuracy that benefits sellers, agencies and advertisers alike. Not only does it streamline the buying/selling and negotiation phases, but it also allows the parties to create campaigns that most effectively meet an advertiser's needs. Optimizing software will eliminate errors, as well as the many hours wasted dealing with pre-emptions and constant buy maintenance. This will ultimately result in tremendous monetary savings to all parties, cutting down on unnecessary man-hours and freeing up time that can be more effectively spent on other projects."

    Leslie Ozer
    Leslie OzerMedia Manager, #1 Cochran (Western PA's leading automotive retailer and one of the top private dealer groups in the US). Former WPP Media Director.