How It Works

Flexible Data input

The software suite reads data from the client’s systems or files, parses them, and stores them in objects. For example, in the case where our customer is an MSO, the data can include the inventory schedule for different networks and broadcast weeks, pertinent contracts for each network, daypart, and zone, and individual data per contract such as daypart constraints, budgetary constraints, and desired number of slots.

User Interfaces for Advanced Expression of Campaign Requests

If the software suite is used for sales as well, our user interfaces can be used by advertisers, their agencies, or a seller’s account executive operating on the buyer’s behalf, to express campaign desires fully through rich constraints and preferences that go well beyond any existing sales system. The system supports unlimited targeting attributes and complete campaign control. This is done via easy-to-use web-based user interfaces.

Unparalleled Optimization Engine

Given the supply (inventory) and campaigns (as well as campaign requests if the software suite is used for sales as well), the optimizer finds the truly optimal—i.e., most profitable—allocation of inventory to campaigns that satisfies all the constraints. The number of possible allocations is greater than the number of atoms in the universe: this is a hard optimization problem! If desired, the allocation can include a detailed schedule of what slots are allocated to what campaigns.

Output and Analytics

Once the optimal allocation has been computed, the software suite outputs the results in multiple views, including a campaign view that shows what each campaign is allocated and a schedule view. The user can explore the allocation easily through our interfaces. The software suite also performs a host of analytics on the allocation and the optimization run, and displays those results.


We can also customize the software suite to our clients’ specific needs.